Find All Versions of Eurasian Patent Documents on the Eurasian Publication Server

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The Eurasian Patent Office (EAPO) (which created the Eurasian Patent Information System (EAPATIS)) also offers a free patent information service known as the Eurasian Publication Server.  The server interface is only available in Russian, so users may utilize an online translation service (like Google Translate) to translate the website into their desired language.  The Eurasian Publication Server allows users to retrieve free PDFs of all versions of Eurasian patent publications.  Despite the lack of an English-language interface, the Eurasian Publication Server is relatively easy to use, due to a simple, intuitive search form. This search tool may be of many resources utilized for locating international prior art during a comprehensive, global prior art search.

Read on to see how you can quickly locate all versions of a Eurasian patent document through the Eurasian Publication Server!

Eurasian Publication Server: Coverage

The EAPO website describes the coverage of the contents within the Eurasian Publication Server:

Eurasian publication server provides access to primary publications (including full descriptions of inventions to Eurasian applications and patents), and to information, published in the notifications on applications and patents in official Gazettes, as well as to information on legal status of patents. Information on new patent documents on the Eurasian publication server appears immediately after the EAPO official publications are published. […] The full retrospective (since 1997) of descriptions of inventions to patents is provided in PDF format. The retrospective of descriptions of inventions to applications is provided for documents, published since 1999. The previous documents have only descriptions which were recovered from application files.

Search and Viewing Features

The search form of the Eurasian Publication Server allows the user to search by:

  • Publication number
  • Application number
  • IPC code
  • Publication date or date range
  • Bulletin number
  • Selection of document kind code
  • Selection of notice type

The basic search options on the Eurasian Publication Server.

  • Advanced Search options (search by title, applicant name, inventor name, “information about the patent”, patent representative/agent, international application number, international publication number, or origin of the application)

Advanced search options.

Although the search interface is only available in Russian, this problem is easily remedied by translating the website through Google Translate.  The resulting search form is relatively simple to use, with all search options available on a single page and example search terms listed beside each text box.

Search results are listed in a grid, and each result includes the document number, kind code, “species code of publication,” type of publication, bulletin number, date of publication, link to the Register record on the document, and links to the document in PDF and XML format.

Search results on the Eurasian Publication Server.

Select the document number to view the full record, including:

  • Bibliographic data (with links to PDF versions of the application and publication, when available)
  • Claims and a representative image
  • A table listing all publications of the document, including the section of the gazette, bulletin number, and additional data on the publication.

Bibliographic data and the claims for the full document record.

A representative image below the claims and a table of all publications of the document in the full document record.

From the original search results list, users can also select the Register link to view the Register record for the document, which includes bibliographic data, the “date of first payment of annual fee,” and a chart illustrating “the effect of the patent in the territory of the Contracting States and the Republic of Moldova.”  The chart seems to illustrate whether the patent is legally enforceable in the listed states during certain time periods.

A Register record for a document on the Eurasian Publication Server.


Users may encounter a language barrier when utilizing the Eurasian Publication Server due to the Russian-language interface, but thanks to machine translation tools like Google Translate and Bing Translator, the search and viewing options are still usable even for searchers not fluent in Russian.  The search form and viewing options are also simple and relatively intuitive to use and understand, so users will most likely encounter few problems while navigating through the system.  The full-text PDFs for all records are only available in their language of origin (mostly Russian), so users should access professional translation services if they need a high-quality translation of the document for decision-making or legal purposes.

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