Database Update Round-Up – European Patent Register and DWPI

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false]Previously, we looked at updates to the Global Brand Database, SciFinder, and Google Patents, and today I have a fresh round of updates about two important resources for any patent professional: the European Patent Register and the Derwent World Patent Index (DWPI). The European Patent Register (formerly known as Register Plus) is the official register of legal status information for the European Patent Office, and it was recently updated in April with a variety of new features, bug fixes, and changes to both the user interface and back-end system.  Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPI) is a file of patent information produced by Thomson Reuters that “sources patent data from 47 patent-issuing authorities and 2 journal sources,” and the file contains many value-added special indexing features, including Derwent Titles and Abstracts, Derwent Assignee Codes, Derwent Families, Derwent Classes, Derwent Manual Codes, and Chemical Fragmentation Codes.  The DWPI file is available on numerous platforms, including Dialog, STN, and Thomson Innovation.  STN recently added numerical search options for the DWPI file, and DWPI has been discontinued on the Delphion platform.

After the jump, learn about the new features and interface changes to the European Patent Register, and we’ll also look at the new numerical search features for DWPI on STN and discontinuation of the file on Delphion.

Updates to the European Patent Register

On April 24, 2012, the European Patent Office released notes on a number of changes to the European Patent Register, including new features like:

  •  New Deep links to the Belgian, Finnish and Norwegian Registers have been added
  • The processing of pre-dated EPO’s communications has been enhanced and notifications of these communications will be hidden until actually sent.
  • New Rules 71 and 71a EPC, history of communications of the intention to grant a patent and of the disapproval(s) by the applicant.
  • Withdrawal during International Phase.
  • Dispatch and payment of additional claims after amendments/corrections.
  • Invitation to provide Supplementary International Search Report and its reply.
  • Invitation to provide information on prior art and its reply.
  • Index for the EP Register Help.

An index is now available for the Help section for the European Patent Register.

Additionally, the notes listed specific changes to the user interface:
  • Date of publication of international publication – If the international publication was made in one of the official languages of the EPO, a text will be added to point out that the EPO has not actually published a new A document.
  • Request for decision (in the “Examination section”) – The message “request accepted” is replaced by “Request granted”.

For additional information on bug fixing, changes in ST36 XML Download, and backend system changes, see this page on the EPO website.

DWPI Updates

Changes were announced for the Derwent World Patent Index (DWPI) file on both STN and Delphion during the month of April.  First, the CAS website announced that numerical search features are being added to the DWPI files on STN:

The Numerical Property Search feature in the Derwent World Patent Index (WPINDEX, WPIDS and WPIX) on STN enables numerical searches to be performed for a specific set of physical property data identified within the English text fields.

Search field codes and related text for all physical properties available for numerical property searches have been indexed in the /PHP search field. Details on the newly available search fields and units are listed under HELP NPS.

Thomson Reuters also recently announced that Delphion will no longer host the DWPI file:

Most of our former Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPI) on Delphion® customers have completed their migration to Thomson Innovation, and we are now announcing that DWPI on Delphion will no longer be available after March 31, 2012.

For more information, see this announcement on the Delphion website.

That’s it for this edition of Database Update Round-up, but I’ll be back soon with another batch of new system features and upgrades!

What do you think of the numerical search options now available for DWPI on STN?  Let us know in the comments!

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