More Patent Summarization Tools: Key Content and Concepts from Questel

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] What is the best way to summarize a patent document?  In a past blog post, we looked at both free online summarization tools and a summary tool available on PatBase.  The free online tools failed to adequately summarize a patent, since these tools condense the text based on number of sentences, and patent claims often include lengthy, complex run-on sentences.  The PatBase ”Summarise” tool produced much more concise summaries based on the percentage of text, but the tool wasn’t transparent about the extraction methods it used to produce the summaries.  We concluded in the last post that patent professionals will probably find the best patent summaries from human-produced Derwent Abstracts from the Derwent World Patent Index.

However, there are even more patent summary options available for users who have access to the FamPat database on the QPAT or platforms created by Questel: Key Content and ConceptsKey Content organizes the most important content from the patent document into three main fields (Object of the Invention, Advantages and Drawbacks of the prior art, and Independent Claims), and the Concepts section includes important keywords and themes that has been semantically extracted from the text. Continue reading to learn about the patent summary options available on FamPat!

Key Content

On the platform created by Questel, users can search through the FamPat database and locate records that cover all documents related to a simple patent family.  Within the family record, the user can view a section under the “Key Content” tab that includes important content from the representative document grouped into three fields:

  • Object of the Invention – Text from the patent describing the main objective of the invention.
  • Advantages / Prev. Drawbacks – Text from the patent document that summarizes why the invention is needed and unique advantages of the invention.
  • Independent Claims – The text of independent claims from the patent document.

Users can export, translate, or apply highlighting to this key content while viewing the document record, and these fields are also searchable.  From the general search form or command-line interface on, users can create queries which search within the “Patent Object” field (/OBJ), “Advantages and Drawbacks” field (/ADB), or the “Super Index” field (/SA).  The FamPat fact sheet describes the “Super Index” field as follows:

 This super-index groups together the contents of the OBJ (Objective), ADB (Advantages & Drawbacks) and ICLM (Independent Claims) fields.

The Key Content section of the FAMPAT record provides two main benefits to the patent searcher:

  1. The user can read through an organized summary of the the patent text, which saves the searcher time when they need to read through multiple patent documents.
  2. The user can expand their search to include the Key Content (/SA) field, which may include additional concepts and keywords that weren’t included in the abstract or title.

The Key Content section of a FamPat record on the platform, with highlighting included.


The FamPat family record also includes a “Concepts” tab under the family record, which displays keywords and concepts semantically extracted from the full-text of the document.  According to the Questel help documentation:

Key concepts of patents are extracted with language technologies from the Full Text of the patent publications for US, EP and WO documents published in English. […] The larger the characters and the brighter the blue coloring, the more important the concept.

Like the Key Content, highlighting can be applied to the text under the “Concepts” tab, and the field is also searchable through the general search form or command line interface (/KEYW).

The Concepts section of a FamPat record on the platform, with highlighting included.


Although the Key Content and Key Concepts by Questel are machine-generated and therefore still aren’t comparable to human-produced Derwent Abstracts, they provide a much better patent summary option than any of the previously discussed summary tools.  The Summarise tool on PatBase only provides a concise summary of specific sections of the patent text, but this summary can’t be highlighted or searched.  The Key Content and Concepts sections of the FAMPAT record can both be searched and can have detailed highlighting applied to the summary text.   Questel has created two summary options available on one patent family record, and each summary gives the user new insight into main concepts and themes within the patent document.

Do you know of any other patent summary tools on free or subscription patent databases?  Let us know in the comments!

Patent Information from Landon IP

This post was contributed by Joelle Mornini. The Intellogist blog is provided for free by Intellogist’s parent company Landon IP, a major provider of patent searches, trademark searches, technical translations, and information retrieval services.


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