Intellogist Round-up: Updates, New USGENE BLAST Search Portal, and Advertising on Intellogist!

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] Our last two Intellogist round-ups highlighted some important updates on patent search systems and big changes on the Intellogist wiki, and today’s round-up won’t disappoint you! First up, the patent and design search portal from Questel is releasing a new update, and we have the details of that update summed up on the Intellogist wiki.  Next, we’ll look at the new search portal for USGENE, a database that allows users to search all available peptide and nucleotide sequences from the published applications and issued patents of the USPTO.  Learn how you can sign up for a free 30-day trial of this search portal.  Finally, we’ll look at how you can advertise your patent or trademark search products through Intellogist and reach an entire community of intellectual property professionals.

After the jump, learn about the update, the USGENE BLAST Search Portal, and advertising opportunities on Intellogist! Updates

Questel’s platform is a portal for accessing the company’s patent and industrial design collections. It was designed as a replacement for Questel’s former web-based search product, QPAT.  The portal hosts the FamPat patent family file. Questel recently posted a presentation on its website that details the new features and functions on Orbit 1.5, which will be released April 8, 2012.  A summary of the new features are listed over on the community report on Intellogist, and some highlights include:

  • Search Wizard: Linked Relavent Concepts – Search in any language and identify relavent concepts. Orbit builds a Boolean Query.
  • Legal Status Searching – Search by legal state/status/expiration date at a country-specific level. The informational display for the legal status is a country-specific, color-coded timeline chart.
  • New Legal Status Filter – Filter by legal status/legal state/expiration date.
  • Multiple Detachable Windows – All windows refresh when flipping records. This feature isn’t available with Internet Explorer.
  • “More Like This” Option – Find more patents similar to the current selection (10 max) or refine the current search using the selection as reference.
  • New “My Lists” Tab
  • New Import Options
  • Workfile Updates

See the full summary of updates at the community report on Intellogist.

USGENE BLAST Search Portal

The USGENE® BLAST® Search Portal is a subscription-based online search platform created by the SequenceBase Corporation that allows users to search USGENE®, a database that lists “all available peptide and nucleotide sequences from the published applications and issued patents of United States Patent and Trademark the Office (USPTO).” The portal offers a “non-redundant version of USGENE®” that also includes “the complete archive of all USPTO ‘mega’ document sequences, and offers a full backfile of Patent Sequence Location (PSL), bibliographic and full-text details from 1981 to date.”

Users can sign up for a free 30 day trial on the USGENE BLAST Search Portal homepage.  I signed up for a free trial and tested the platform, so you can read a summary of the portal features at the Intellogist community report for the USGENE BLAST Search Portal.

The USGENE® BLAST® Search Portal.

Advertising on Intellogist

Did you know that you can advertise on both the Intellogist Blog and the Intellogist Wiki?  The Landon IP advertisement displayed below is one example of available advertising space on the Intellogist Blog.  Companies and firms can also advertise on the Intellogist Wiki in a variety of locations on the site, including on:

The Intellogist Wiki and Blog both are viewed by a wide range of IP, law, and science professionals, including IP attorneys, IP researchers, Scientists, Engineers, Legal Support Specialists, Librarians, IP service providers and other people who work at law firms, corporations, patent offices, and universities.  Reach a global market of engaged IP professionals by advertising on Intellogist!  All advertisements must follow Intellogist Advertising Guidelines and Creative Specifications.  For more information about advertising on the Intellogist Blog or Wiki, readers can contact the Intellogist team to request a free media kit.

Until Next Time…

What other updates do you hope to see in future versions of the platform? Have you tested the USGENE BLAST Search Portal yet?  Let us know in the comments!

Patent Analysis from Landon IP

This post was contributed by Joelle Mornini. The Intellogist blog is provided for free by Intellogist’s parent company Landon IP, a major provider of patent searches, trademark searches, technical translations, and information retrieval services.

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