Classic Christmas Ornament Patents

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A Christmas tree decorated with traditional holiday patents.

This Christmas tree is decorated with patents for classic holiday ornaments from 1888-1941 (found on Google Patents). Select the image above to view a larger version of the tree, or continue reading to see the traditional ornament patents!

1. Musical Ornament for Christmas Trees (Issue Date Jun 29, 1926, Patent Number 1590524)

2. Design for a Christmas-Tree Ornament (Issue date Apr 3, 1888, Patent Number D18238)

3. Christmas-Tree Ornament (Issue date Apr 1, 1890, Patent Number 424916)

4. Design for a Christmas-Tree Ornament (Issue date Nov 26, 1895, Patent Number D24923)

5.  Christmas-Tree Ornament (Issue date Jun 7, 1898, Patent Number 605158)

6. Ornament for Christmas Trees (Issue date Feb 27, 1917, Patent Number 1217675)

7. Christmas Tree Decoration (Issue date May 6, 1919, Patent Number 1302754)

8. Christmas Tree Ornament (Issue date May 22, 1928, Patent Number D75206)

9. Design for an Illuminated Ornament for Decorating  Christmas Trees (Issue date Feb 18, 1930, Patent Number D80542)

10. Christmas Tree Ornament or the Like (Issue Date Feb 26, 1941, Patent Number D128039)

Happy holidays and thank you for reading the Intellogist Blog!

Technical Translations from Landon IP

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