Google Adds Cross-Lingual Support and Secure Search

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Hey search-heads! (Can I call you that?)

Today we’re going to take a look at two items hot off the press from Google: cross-lingual support and secure (encrypted) search.

If you’ve been around the search-block, these are both hot issues for different reasons. Cross-lingual search can help users expand the possible universe of results they can find, and secure search can prevent the universe from getting in and finding about about what that search is for.

Both news items have applications to prior-art search and the future of Google in the patent search space…so read on to find more details and our analysis!

Cross-Lingual Results

Earlier this week, the Google Search Blog announced that non-English searchers in one of 14 languages will start seeing machine translated English-language search results. Here are the 14 languages: Afrikaans, Malay, Swahili, Serbian, Slovak, Macedonian, Slovenian, Norwegian, Hindi, Catalan, Maltese, Icelandic, Welsh and Albanian.

What does this mean for prior art searching?

Cross-lingual searching is an exciting development front for prior art searching, as we’ve addressed before in a couple of helpful posts about
and PATENTSCOPE specifically (although several systems have some form of cross-lingual support). This development from Google helps widen the reach and usefulness of their search engine, especially in the face of challenges from Exalead.

Secure Search

Google also announced that secure (encrypted) search is now default for users signed into a Google profile (such as Gmail or G+). This is another welcome step towards Google embracing an industry standard to make web browsing more secure and private.

What does this mean for prior art searching?
Secure and private search is of utmost concern for prior art searchers, since client information is privledged. It’s well known throughout the industry that many people won’t search using Google Patent for this reason. Perhaps this will change their mind!

cross lingual google

The option to search multiple languages at the same time can be enabled or disabled within the interface.

To search securely using Google Patent, submit your search at the Google Secure page after being signed in, and then switch over to Patent on the lefthand side of the results page. A default secured Google Patent search page does not exist at the time of publishing this.

Are you excited about these new developments from Google? Let us know how you feel below!

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2 Responses

  1. Wow, think of the data Google will amass by gathering all that information from their cross-lingual searches – e.g. what keywords searchers use vs. what result hits they ultimately click. This could help them improve the quality of their general machine translations significantly (although legal language and technical information will always need to be translated by hand).

    • I agree, Kristin! Everything’s got two angles to it when considering Google–but I think this will ultimately double the benefit to their users.

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