Searching The IEEE Computer Science Digital Library

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As a prior art searcher, it’s a smart idea to stay abreast of all the latest research and technology within your areas of specialization. The IEEE Computer Society Computer Science (CS) Digital Library is one example of a great research stop to help you find niche prior art as well as stay informed.

Today we’ll explain how you can access and search this digital library, including how there’s a lot of great free information waiting for you.

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The IEEE Computer Science Digital Library contains online articles, transactions, letters, and proceedings related to a wide range of computer science topics. The CS Digital Library is maintained by the IEEE Computer Society, a well known and respected organization for computing professionals.

Access to the CS Digital Library can be added to the IEEE Computer Society Membership for a fee, and IEEE student members receive free access to the Library. Libraries and institutions can also subscribe to the CS Digital Library.

Non-members can search the site for free, view abstracts and tables of contents, and choose to purchase individual articles and papers.

The CS Digital Library provides access to 27 Computer Society managzines and more than 4,100 conference publications. Through the home page, users can navigate this content through a variety of methods:

  • Browse by subject
  • Quick Search in Magazines (or browse by year through magazine titles)
  • Quick Search in Transactions (or browse through transaction collections)
  • Quick Search in Letters
  • Quick Search in Proceedings (or browse through alphabet by conference acronym)

Users can also select from four search forms:

Simple search – Keyword search in field or full-text.

Simple Search

The Simple Search allows you to choose to search the Digital Library and/or the General Site Content.

Advanced Search – Search through a variety of fields and limit by document type and date range.

Advanced Search

One of the nice functions of the Advanced Search is the ability to search specific collections and magazines (only a portion is shown above).

Author Search
– Search for an author name and find all documents by that author.

Proceedings Search – Search in fields or full-text in Proceedings only, and users can limit results by date range.

Users can also subscribe to RSS feeds that provide abstracts from new content in IEEE magazines, transaction collections, and letters.

IEEE members can download individual documents for 10 USD, but non-members can also purchase individual documents for 19 USD, a competitive fee compared to other non-patent literature systems. Libraries and/or institutions can sign up for complete packages.

From an end-user perspective, one nice touch about using the CSDL are the many helpful access and sharing options:

Article options

There are many helpful options while viewing an individual record.

Handy options available while viewing an individual record include numerous sharing possibilities, and more important for the prior art searcher–the ability to grab a uniform bibliographic reference or make related searches.

If you’re in a related field, I highly recommend checking out the IEEE Computer Science Digital Library.

What’s your favorite source of computer non-patent literature? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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