A Directory of Free Medical Literature: FreeMedicalJournals.com

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PubMed Central is the go-to place for free medical literature, but what if you just want to browse through a directory of free content in medical journals?  FreeMedicalJournals.com offers useful information and an easy interface for locating open-access content in over 2,400 medical journals.  The site is offered as a free resource from Flying Publisher, and updates to the site are provided by Manuel Montenegro and Bernd Sebastian Kamps.

Read on to discover how FreeMedicalJournals.com can help prior art searchers locate free, high-quality medical literature through a simple but highly informational interface!

Information on Medical Journals

Each entry on FreeMedicalJournals.com includes bibliographic information about the listed journal, such as title and range of publication dates, as well as a link to the journal publisher’s website through the title of the entry.  Most entries include the following information and links:

  • Journal title, which also serves as a link to the publisher website or a website where the user can access the free journal content.
  • Any alternative links to where the site can be freely accessed, like PubMed Central.
  • The language of the journal content.
  • ISSN and EISSN numbers.
  • ISI Impact Factor
  • Notes on when the content of the journal becomes free (e.g. “Free after 24 months”).
  • Accessible publication date range.
  • Any notes on accessing the free content.
  • A magnifying glass icon that links to a search for all content in that particular journal (through journal ID number) in PubMed.

Some entries are missing one or two of the aforementioned pieces of information, like the ISI Impact Factor or the link to a search in PubMed.  Most entries do contain all completed fields, though, and the ISI Impact Factor is particularly useful for judging the quality of the information in the journal.  The link to a search of all  journal content in PubMed gives the user a starting point for creating a more refined search on the PubMed platform.

A sample of a record.

Browse and Search Options

FreeMedicalJournals.com has an incredibly simple interface for searching and browsing the site, which may be useful for searchers who aren’t experienced with the complicated search interface of PubMed.  Only a custom Google search form is available for keyword searching, but users can browse through the site using several options:

  • Topic – View an alphabetical list of topics. Users can select a topic to view the journals listed under that topic.
  • FMJ Impact – Top 20, 21-40, 41-60, and Quick View (lists top 60).
  • Free Access – Immediately, After 1-6 months, After 7-12 months, or Later.
  • Title – Select a letter of the alphabet to view all journals with titles beginning with that letter.
  • Language – Spanish, French, or Portuguese.

Search and browsing options.

Searchers can use the site as a starting point for locating a list of relevant journals in which to search for useful non-patent literature prior art.  The searcher can then use the magnifying glass icon to conduct a search in PubMed for content in that journal, and on the PubMed platform, the user can add additional keywords or search criteria to narrow the query.  If a user is experienced with the PubMed interface, they can compile a list of relevant journals on FreeMedicalJournals.com and create a combined query in PubMed which searches through the content of multiple journals for relevant keywords or criteria.

Other Free Resources

Users can also find links on the FreeMedicalJournals website to:

  • FreeBooks4Doctors – Links to 360 free medical books, most in PDF format.
  • Free Medical Podcasts – Only 25 podcasts are listed currently.
  • Users can subscribe to receive email alerts on any new journals, books, or podcasts that are posted to the sites.


FreeMedicalJournals.com is an easy-to-use resource for locating information on open-access content in medical journals.  Searchers can use the site to locate relevant journals before they conduct a thorough search on PubMed.  Some listings are incomplete, but most journal listings on FreeMedicalJournals.com contain information on the journal’s Impact Factor, as well as a direct link to a search for the journal in PubMed.  Users can also locate other free medical resources, like books and podcasts, through sites linked to FreeMedicalJournals.

Have you used FreeMedicalJournals.com to locate relevant journals for a prior art search?  What did you think of the site?  Let us know in the comments!

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