Patent News, Search, and Caselaws in a Flash: IPNewsFlash

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] Every once in a while, you find a website that has everything in one place.   Intellogist is an example of a “one-stop-shop” for prior art search information: reports on patent search systems, links to non-patent literature resources, a community of experts…We have it all.  What Intellogist is to prior art searching, IPNewsFlash is to patent news.  It’s got patent-related news feeds, a variety of search tools, and even news on the latest caselaw from the EPO and USPTO.  And did I mention that it’s free?

IPNewsFlash is a website you definitely want to have bookmarked; you’ll end up visiting it periodically for the convenient patent document download tool, or you’ll want to monitor the latest EPO patent publications and applications in a specific IPC class.  Learn about all the news and search tools available on IPNewsFlash, after the jump!

Patent News

IPNewsFlash is a free IP-related news website maintained by patent attorney Rolf Claessen. The site is organized around a top horizontal blue menu that has the following options: Home, Tools, Register, and About.  The Home section brings up a sub-menu that lists the new-related sections of the site:

  • News – A newsfeed of recent IP-related articles and blog posts.
  • Notices – Notices from patent-issuing offices, like the EPO.
  • Caselaw – Announcements of the most recent cases from Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences (BPAI).
  • Books – Recently published books related to intellectual property.
  • Top Links – Top 50 links (by visits).
  • Simple View – Newsfeed lists for News, Caselaw, and Notices.
  • All Feeds – Option to subscribe to all available news feeds (News, News (EN), Caselaw, Notices, Books).
  • Submit News – Suggest a news article.
  • My IP NewsFlash – Code for IP NewsFlash search box, Widgetbox, Springbox Widget, and Newsticker to add to personal websites. Users can also download IP NewsFlash toolbar and personalize IPNewsFlash after registering.

Subscribe to a variety of news feeds on IP news, caselaw, notices, and books.

IPNewsFlash is free to use, and registration isn’t necessary.  However, registered users can personalize what content is displayed in the News section (English, German, and/or blog content), choose which notices are displayed in the Caselaw and Notices sections (choose between different offices), and registered users also receive a free customized newsletter (daily, weekly, or monthly).
Search Tools and Caselaw

The second option on the main horizontal menu, Tools, brings up a sub-menu of search, download, and monitoring tools related to patents and EPO caselaw:

  • Patent Family Search – Search by patent number for patent family information (including legal status) based on INPADOC data.
  • Patent Document Download – Enter a patent document number and select “Get.” Available documents will appear in a separate window after selecting a link beneath the search box, “Display [Document #]”.
  • IPCentury Prior Art Search – Enter a publication number and “execute a computer-aided search for Prior Art based on an Invalidity Analysis derived by an artificial-intelligence engine.”  Users shouldn’t in any way view this tool as comparable to a professional patent search, and testing multiple patent numbers within the search form didn’t yield any relevant prior art.  After entering a number in the main search form, the user is taken to a secondary form that asks the user to define the type of prior art search and enter any additional keywords, names, classifications, numbers, or dates.  This secondary search form didn’t seem to be functioning correctly, since it didn’t produce any sort of results list.
  • EP Caselaw – Look up a particular decision by the EPO Board of Appeals or view lists of decisions organized by “overall citations,” “citations/year,” or “most recent.”
  • Recent EP Caselaw – Details on recent EPO cases, including number of times the decision was cited, the underlying patent number and IPC class, references in the decision, and catchword/headwords.
  • EP Monitor – Search recent EP patent publications by publication type, date range, IPC class, and subclasses (via drop-down menu). View recent publications and top applicants.
  • Patent Search – Search via FreePatentsOnline.

Monitor recent patent documents from the EPO in a particular IPC class.


IPNewsFlash has an incredibly wide variety of tools and news, some of which may prove to be very helpful for IP professionals.  As a news source, this website is excellent.  Users can subscribe to a number of news feeds that are updated frequently and cover recent patent caselaws, IP-related literature, and general patent news.  As a source for prior art search tools, the resources on this site are hit-or-miss.  The patent document download tool is quick and easy, but it only can support one document at a time.  The IPCentury Prior Art Search doesn’t seem to function at all, and the patent search form simply transfers the user to FreePatentsOnline.  I was pleasantly surprised by the EP patent monitoring tool, which provides lists of recent documents in a particular IPC class.  This tool could come in handy for prior art searchers or analysts during a preliminary search of a particular technology field.

Do you know of any patent-related websites that offer useful news and search tools, all on one interface?  Let us know in the comments!

Patent Searches from Landon IP

This post was contributed by Joelle Mornini. The Intellogist blog is provided for free by Intellogist’s parent company Landon IP, a major provider of patent searches, trademark searches, technical translations, and information retrieval services.

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