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[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false]  We’ve looked at sources of patent-related news, but where can patent searchers keep up-to-date on the latest technological innovations that may be relevant to their searches?  Many tech-related websites offer excellent news and analysis of the latest technological issues, like and TechCrunch.  I’ve recently discovered that one tech website stands out from the pack because it offers a collection of free technical white papers: ZDNet.

ZDNet provides news, reviews and analysis on a variety of hardware and software technologies, as well as a free library of technical papers.  ZDNet also has a feature which may prove useful to patent analysts conducting patent landscape studies.  Read on to learn how ZDNet can help patent searchers and analysts!

Tech News

ZDNet is a technology news site created by CBS Interactive that provides current news, media, and and reviews on the following topics, which are listed in the horizontal menu at the top of each page (for the US version of the site):

  • Companies – News feeds on large companies like Amazon, Intel, IBM, Apple, Facebook, Google, etc.
  • Hardware – Reviews and news feeds on popular hardware products: laptops, printers, E-books/E-readers, tablets, etc.
  • Software – Current news and reviews for software products and topics like cloud computing, databases, Linux, open source, etc.
  • Mobile – News and reviews for various popular mobile phone brands (Nokia, 4G, iPhone, Android, etc).
  • Security – News and reviews on current IT security topics (malware, patches, McAfee, etc).
  • Research – Links to other tech-related websites (SmartPlanetTechRepublic Pro), research and analysis from blogs hosted on the site, image galleries, videos, podcasts, white papers, and product reviews.
  • Special Coverage – Links to recent special reports and lists of hot topics.

Other versions of the ZDNet site include versions tailored for audiences in Australia, Asia, China, France, Germany, Japan, and the UK.  Each version has a slightly different menu of options and is in the native language of the target audience.

Each topic listed in the main horizontal menu includes a list of subtopics, most of which relate to a specific product type, company, or important technological issue.  The page for each subtopic displays a list of recent articles on the subject, which can be sorted by relevance, date, popularity, or content type (software downloads, blog posts, case studies, webcasts, news items, image galleries, or videos).  Users can also view the latest community discussions on the topics and locate related topic tags.  Patent researchers conducting prior art searches on software or hardware patents may find the ZDNet news items and blog posts to be useful non-patent literature to browse through.  A keyword search form is also available at the top of the page for basic searches, and users can limit results to Reviews, White Papers, or Downloads.

View news on different technologies and sort the articles by content type, date, relevancy, or popularity.

Technical Papers

Another possible source of non-patent literature on ZDNet is the digital collection of “free technical IT white papers, webcasts, and case studies,” available under the “White Papers” section.  The White Papers section includes lists of “Most Popular,” “Recently Added,” and “Top Searches,” as well as a list of topics and subtopics under which the papers are listed.  Each paper is cross-listed  under multiple topics, and the papers also are labeled with topic-related tags.  The listing for each paper or webcast contains bibliographic information (title, topics, tags, source) and a summary of the paper’s contents.

Users can choose to email the record page, view related content, or save the paper in a list for future viewing.  Users must first register with ZDNet before they download the full PDF version of the paper, but registration is free.

Technical white papers and webcasts are organized by topic.


How can ZDNet Help with Patent Analysis?

We’ve looked at possible sources of prior art on ZDNet, but how can this site be useful to patent analysts?  In a recent interview with Matthew Luby, Director of Patent Analysis at Landon IP, Luby mentioned that patent landscape studies often try to identify key players in a certain technological field.  Patent analysts therefore need a quick source of news on the major companies involved in a particular technology area.

ZDNet offers a “Companies” section on it’s main menu, which links to subsections dedicated to the latest news on specific companies.  Only 19 companies are currently listed under this section, so patent analysts will only find these newsfeeds useful for monitoring the latest activity of a few large tech companies.  Subscription-based systems like Factiva can provide more complete coverage of the latest news on a wide range of companies and business profiles.

View the latest news on companies, which may be relevant to a patent landscape study.



With its focus on software, hardware, and mobile products, ZDNet will only be useful to patent searchers and analysts working in specific technology fields.  The product news and technical papers available on ZDNet may provide relevant prior art for patent searchers, and the newsfeeds on major tech companies may be a useful resource for patent analysts conducting a study of key players in a certain technology field.  The site only covers a limited range of topics and companies, but at the very least, it will definitely provide you with the latest tech news!

Do you ever use technology news websites as non-patent literature sources?  Do any other tech sites provide technical papers or other useful documents for patent searchers and analysts?  Let us know in the comments!

Patent Searches from Landon IP

This post was contributed by Joelle Mornini. The Intellogist blog is provided for free by Intellogist’s parent company Landon IP, a major provider of patent searches, trademark searches, technical translations, and information retrieval services.


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