Search Tidbit Roundup and Trial Offer for Intellogist Blog Readers

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There are so many neat things out there in the world of search that it’s not always possible (or necessary) to cover everything in-depth here on the Intellogist® Blog. Today I’ll bring you two interesting search tidbits as well as a special offer for our Intellogist Blog readers.

First, we’ll talk about Google Related, a feature that promises to show content relevant to whatever you’re browsing. Does this have any application to professional searchers?

Second, we’ll talk about Zanran, a search engine focused on data and statistics. Can we find any prior art searching application for this tool?

Third, Boliven has extended free trials for their Boliven PRO service to our audience. Find out how you can try it, for free.

More about these three items after the jump!

Google Related

Google Related is the new initiative from Google to show a user “related” content in an accessible toolbar showplace while the user normally browses the internet. Google Related can be acquired as a Google Toolbar or Google Chrome Extension. Prior to installation, Google Related announces that it can access:

  • Your data on all websites
  • Your tabs and browsing activity

This may be reason to shy away from using Google Related as a prior art searcher (here’s some further information about what those warnings mean).

Right now, Google Related draws in related information at the bottom of the page when you visit these types of sites, among others:

  • local business sites
  • shopping sites
  • news sites

Upon testing, Google Related did indeed bring up helpful related information for stores, restaurants and the like, but it didn’t offer anything useful while looking for prior art resources. Where it did deliver something of interest to our audience was when I read an article about Google, Apple, and the patent “bubble.” As you can see below, Google Related procured additional news and video stories of interest. I’m happy to report that Google Chrome was able to load this additional content only a few seconds after the web page itself had loaded.

Google Related

Google Related in action, displaying related news and video items (with embedded video player).

Aside from a current awareness/news browsing solution, I can’t recommend Google Related wholeheartedly to prior art searchers. If you have Google Toolbar or Google Chrome already, however, it’s worth checking out for the nerd factor!


Zanran is a search engine focused on data, statistics, graphs, charts, and tables. Steve van Dulken featured Zanran in a recent blog post, so hat tip your way, Steve! The most useful aspect of Zanran is that the results are displayed in a format that allows users to simply mouse over an icon to see the related graph, chart, or table.


Mousing over the icon to the left of the results set quickly displays the related graphic.

This feature makes browsing (or “image flipping”) through results very convenient. On the downside, the relevancy of results leaves something to be desired–testing indicated that a standard Google search might be more likely to get to a website related to the stats you were looking for. On the other hand, the results from Zanran were immediate and directly pointed to the specific information. I recommend you give Zanran a shot and see if it strikes your fancy. At the very least, you can find quick graphical evidence that Greek patent generation is fairly low compared to the rest of Europe…

Boliven Pro Trial

Last, but certainly not least, we here at the Intellogist Blog wanted to let you know that has come to us to offer our readers a free trial of the Boliven Pro patent search system. You can head over to the registration page and use the code Intellogist1. I’ll leave the deciding up to you, dear reader, but feel free to look up our Boliven Community Report (or edit it with more information!) as well as the helpful About Boliven page. There’s much to discover and try out!


The Boliven results view features thumbnails of the cover page as well as a pane to refine and modify your search string by several parameters.

Writing diverse posts like this is always fun (for this author, anyway), and I’d love to hear your opinions on any or all of the above. Don’t be shy, head on down to the comments below!

Patent Workbench™ from Landon IP

This post was contributed by Intellogist Team member Chris Jagalla. The Intellogist blog is provided for free by Intellogist’s parent company Landon IP, a major provider of patent searches, trademark searches, technical translations, and information retrieval services.


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