CLE Courses with Flexibility: Video-on-Demand Courses from PRG

[tweetmeme source=”Intellogist” only_single=false] I recently had the opportunity to watch one of Patent Resources Group’s Video-on-Demand (VOD) courses, and I wanted to share a few points I took away from the experience.  I viewed the course “Patent Law Essentials,” a 5.5 hour course taught by  PRG’s Academic Director, Paul Gardner.  Besides getting an excellent overview on the basics of patent law, I also got to view the Video-on-Demand (VOD) interface.  Continue reading to learn the top reasons I was impressed with the course!

1. Quality Course Material
The course content of “Patent Law Essentials” was definitely a better overview of patent law than I could have ever gotten from any book or website.  The course slides, which users can view simultaneously with the video, contain excerpts from the actual rules and regulations governing patent law (US Constitution, United States Code, Code of Federal Regulations, etc.), explanation and analysis of these rules, and charts and models illustrating examples of the rules and other concepts discussed during the course.  I found the charts particularly helpful, since they helped me to visually conceptualize how certain certain scenarios would appear on a timeline.  I also appreciated that users could download and print out both the slides and a copy of the course text, Patent Law Essentials, 1st Edition directly from the VOD interface.  I was able to take notes within the slides and refer to the course text for further details after watching each chapter of the video.  Paul Gardner also provides clear, detailed explanations that expand upon the concepts summarized in the slides, and he provides examples of actual court cases or hypothetical scenarios that exemplify the rule or concept being described.  The course text also contains dozens of examples of court cases pertinent to the particular concept discussed in each chapter under the “Table of Authorities” sections.  Used in combination, the slides, course text, and video lecture provide avenues for both visual and auditory learners to  absorb the large amount of information dispensed during the course.

Paul Gardner is the instructor for many of the VOD courses.

2. Quality Presentation
This is the closest you’ll get to having a one-on-one tutor for  CLE courses in your own home.  Paul Gardner speaks to the camera during the entire 5.5 hours of “Patent Law Essentials,” and not once do you have to deal with the normal disturbances that usually occur in live classes.  Mr. Gardner is situated in a comfortable office-like setting, and no distracting props, transitions, or lighting are added to this professional but friendly lecture.  The slides are timed perfectly to coincide with Mr. Gardner’s lecture, and viewers have plenty of time to read each slide, take notes, and listen to Mr. Gardner’s  description and additional commentary for each slide.

3. Convenient Interface
I think of the Video-on-Demand interface as Netflix for patent professionals.  As long as a user has internet access, they can sign on  to the VOD website and access their course video and material.  As mentioned previously, users can either view the slideshow simultaneously with the video course (the slides transition automatically), or users can view the video in full-screen format.  The video is divided into chapters, which users can bookmark and skip between.  The viewer can also easily download all additional course materials in a .zip file by selecting the arrow icon beside the navigation bar.  If you’d like to test the VOD interface for free and also view a free VOD video, visit the PRG website.

Watch the video and view course slides simultaneously.


I only viewed one VOD course, but now I’m eager to view the other four available courses (as well as the Patent Bar Review course that is now available on VOD)  because of the great content, presentation, and extremely convenient interface that VOD offers.  Have any blog readers taken a VOD course offered by PRG?  How was your experience?  Let us know in the comments!

Patent Resources Group

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