Espacenet v. EAPATIS: Free Regional Patent Search Systems Compared, Part 1

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Regional patent office websites are a mixed bag.  As we’ve seen with the GCC website, smaller regional patent offices made up of developing countries often don’t host a free search portal for their patent documents.  Instead, searchers must use the European Patent Office’s Espacenet or subscription databases to locate the bibliographic information or the full text of the regional authority’s patent documents.  That’s why I was surprised to  discover that the Eurasian Patent Office hosts a patent search portal called EAPATIS, and the quality of this portal is in some ways comparable to Espacenet.

After the jump, we’ll look at how the translation features and coverage of EAPATIS and Espacenet measure up to each other!

Interface Languages and Translation Features


The Espacenet portal  interface is available in German, English, or French for its level 1 server.  The Espacenet interface is also available in a variety of languages on the level 2 servers from regional and national patent authorities.  The title, abstract, and specifications of the patent documents will still appear in their original languages, but users can utilize the WorldLingo machine translation service to translate English text into German, Spanish, French, Italian, or Portuguese and non-English text into English.

Portal language options in Espacenet (level 1 server).


The EAPATIS portal is in Russian.  Users can sign in as guests to the Russian interface and translate the portal using a machine translation service like Google Translate.  The site also recently added the option for users to sign in to an English-language version of the portal using a link on the homepage:  “Guest logon (English).”  This version of the portal includes English-language search forms and help resources, but users will still have to translate the bibliographic data listed in the results using an outside translation service.

Choose English guest logon to view the EAPATIS portal in English.



According to the Intellogist Report on Espacenet, “Espacenet only offers full text searching (within descriptions and claims) for EP documents. The Espacenet system offers searchable bibliographic data for over 70 million patent documents from over 90 countries.”   Complete coverage information, as of January 2010, for Espacenet’s worldwide patent database can be found here (PDF).


  The English version of “Brief Information about the System” on the EAPATIS help section describes how EAPATIS contained “over 29 million descriptions of patent documents by the end of 2006.”  The patent documents are from:

EAPO, WIPO, European Patent Office, US Patent Office, USSR and Russia (since 1924), patent documentation of countries included to “PCT minimum documentation” of various retrospective view as well as patent documentation of national patent offices of CIS countries including EAPO Member-States.

Users can access the bibliographic data of the documents for free (including an image and abstract), and full specifications are sometimes available through links to other free patent search systems (like Espacenet).  Users must pay to access “front pages and full specifications of Eurasian patents and published Eurasian applications.”

In the Next Post…

So far, we’ve seen that Espacenet has more translation options and broader coverage than EAPATIS.

In part 2, we’ll discuss how the search forms, full record views, and bibliographic coverage of Russian patent documents in Espacenet and EAPATIS compare.

Have you used EAPATIS before?  Tell us about your experiences with the search system in the comments!

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