Espacenet v. EAPATIS: Free Regional Patent Search Systems Compared, Part 2

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As we discussed in our last post, the European Patent Office’s Espacenet has more translation options and broader coverage than The Eurasian Patent Office’s EAPATIS.   Both free search portals cover Russian (RU) documents: Espacenet covers RU patent documents in its worldwide database, and EAPATIS covers Russian patent documents published since 1924.  In this post, we’ll look at the search forms for the two systems, and we’ll see what the record views look like for RU patent documents in each system.

Read on to compare the search forms and full record views of EAPATIS and Espacenet.  We’ll also answer the question: Which portal is better for viewing Russian patent documents?

Search Forms


Espacenet provides four different search forms for searching in the EP, Worldwide, or WIPO databases (select the links to view detailed descriptions of each search form in  the Espacenet Intellogist Report) :

  • Smart Search – Form automatically detects the fields for the search terms.
  • Quick Search – Search by words in title or abstract, words in full text (EP and WIPO databases), or persons/organizations.
  • Number Search – Search by application, publication, priority, or NPL reference number.
Espacenet's Smart Search form, which can search multiple fields through one query.

Espacenet's Smart Search form, which can search multiple fields through one query.


Users can utilize two different search forms, both available on the main page after logging in:

  • Advanced Search – Users can search in multiple fields in a single query by using drop-down menus beside five text boxes to choose specific fields.  The default operator between each field is “AND.”  The “?” buttons beside each text box will take users to a help-section on how to formulate queries for each field.  It should be noted that at the time this post was written, the advanced search form on both the Russian and English versions of the EAPATIS portal weren’t functioning correctly.
  •  Quick Search – Users can search by patent publication number.  Multiple numbers can be searched at one time by using the character “^” between terms to represent OR.

EAPATIS has advanced and quick search forms.

Viewing Results


Users can access the bibliographic data, description, claims, image mosaics, original document, and INPADOC legal status of the patent document in the full-record view on Espacenet.  If a certain section of the record view isn’t available (description, claims, mosaics, etc.), then that section of the menu for the full-record view will be grayed out.

In a basic search for Russian* patent documents in the worldwide database (searching within the field “Publication Number” with country code “RU”), I found that some Russian patent documents provide full text of claims and descriptions through equivalent EP documents.  However, most resulting RU documents resembled the document record shown below, where not even the document title is available.

*A search for EA (Eurasian) patent documents in Espacenet includes complete bibliographic data on most results, as well as access to full text descriptions, claims, and original documents.  It was noticed that Russian documents, however, often lacked complete bibliographic data in Espacenet, but the bibliographic data was more complete in EAPATIS.  Therefore, this post will focus on RU documents instead of EA documents.

Bibliographic data on a Russian patent document, viewed in Espacenet.


The EAPATIS full record for the same Russian patent document shown above in Espacenet provides basic bibliographic details for the document, including the title and abstract (the record first needed to be translated through Google Translate).  The record also includes an image from the patent document, but the image was not available for this document on EAPATIS at the time the post was written.

Bibliographic data on a Russian patent document, viewed in EAPATIS.


Espacenet is a search portal with much broader coverage, a wider variety of search forms, and more data provided through the full record view than the EAPATIS search system.  EAPATIS often links to Espacenet’s full record views, since Espacenet provides the full text of claims and descriptions for EP patent documents.  However, EAPATIS may be the search system to utilize if the data on a Russian patent document in Espacenet is incomplete.  Users can find the title and abstract (translated into English via machine translation) on the EAPATIS record for the document.  It’s probably best to first search Espacenet (as well as available subscription databases) for the document data, but EAPATIS can be used to find the bibliographic information on RU or EA documents when the data isn’t available elsewhere.

Where do you usually access RU or EA patent documents?  Do you use Espacenet, EAPATIS, or a subscription database?  Let us know in the comments!

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3 Responses

  1. […] part 2, we’ll discuss how the search forms, full record views, and bibliographic coverage of Russian […]

  2. There are quite a few English abstracts if you search for actual patents: PN=RU (PN=C1 OR PN=C2) pd=2011

    For EA patents in Russian, you could go here as well:

    • The Espacenet server for the Eurasian Patent Office is a great resource, and Google Translate can automatically translate the bibliographic information to English. Thank you for sharing this!

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