The New Espacenet: How to Export Patent Data

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Espacenet, the European Patent Office’s online patent search system, has recently been redesigned and boasts several new features to go along with the makeover. There are many aspects of the new Espacenet to explore–our friend Mikk Putk detailed several of the features on IPInsiders and our fellow blogger Steve van Dulken offered impressions and suggestions on the new version. Here on the Intellogist Blog today we’ll show you how to export patent data using Espacenet. Read on to find out!

Espacenet now has the ability to export to .xls (Excel) format in addition to .csv (comma separated values) format. This is a welcome feature that allows the export to contain a more interesting and appealing visual format. As an added bonus, publication numbers in the .xls formatted export link directly to the document on Espacenet.

snippet of CSV export from Espacenet

This is an example of a .csv export from Espacenet.

a snippet of the XLS export

The .xls export features links back to the Espacenet website and a more appealing format.

Although users are unable to choose which fields are included, there are two main methods when it comes to exporting:

  • Exporting all records currently displayed on a results page (30 per page) – This option is quick, easy, and accessible on every page of results. It’s suited to grabbing a representative set of results based on your search query.
  • Exporting all records currently in “My patents list” – This option takes a couple of steps, but allows users to determine exactly which and how many records are exported.

To export selected records via the second method listed above, users first must “star” a result.

the top record has been moved into "My patents list"

To move patents into the "My patents list," users need only to click on the star. The "Compact" results view is shown in this image.

After navigating to “My patents list,” users can export the patent records to .csv or .xls formats.

My patents list in Espacenet

The export function within "My patents list" works identically to the export function on a normal results page.

Overall, exporting records is quite user friendly in Espacenet. The addition of linked records within .xls exports increases the usefulness of this feature, but the lack of field customization prevents it from rivaling any commercial patent search system.

Have you checked out the new Espacenet? Tell us what you think about it in our comments section below! We’ll be sure to follow up with other impressions of the new interface in the future!

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