New Patent Search System: CPA Global Discover

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Today, CPA Global launched their new patent search system: Discover. In a public webinar, CPA Global went over some of the more interesting features of this search system, which is “available exclusively to CPA Global’s corporate and law firm clients.” It was an alluring showing for a search system newcomer, displaying both industry standard features as well as a few forward looking aspects. Read on to hear our take on a couple of the features shown today.

One feature that leapt off the page was the inclusion of a “similarity” search that boasts natural language capabilities. The search system is able to handle large sections of text and create a proprietary search query based on “document vectors.” Similar to Xyggy and TotalPatent, CPA Global promises that white papers explaining the dynamics under the hood of their similarity search system will be unveiled. This is a welcome tactic in a field where proprietary search machinations often rule. The search itself appeared to handle the large amount of text fed into it with ease and come up with reasonable results (no hands on testing was immediately available).

Search engines that can create search queries from large blocks of text using natural language processing or other semantic search technologies have been increasing in popularity over the last few years. These tools vary with regard to the amount of query control they give to the user. For a description of TotalPatent’s Semantic Search feature, see the summary on Intellogist.

Another intriguing feature was the ability to have “quick access to multiple patent drawings without having to open individual patent records.” This feature opens a new window displaying a mosaic of drawings from multiple patents in the results set. The feature was fast to respond as the demonstrator paged through a set of drawings (however, this may have been due to the proximity of the user to the host server). In a neat twist, individual drawings could be dragged to a sidebar and saved for later annotation or study, including moving patent documents to a work folder.

Without having a hands-on experience for a long duration of time, there’s no way I can definitively (and subjectively) give the final word on CPA Global’s Discover platform. Additionally, there may have been deficiencies in Discover that were glossed over for the purposes of the webinar. However, I can say that my eyebrows were raised by what was shown today.

Are you a CPA Global customer or interested in Discover? I’d love to hear feedback in the comments from potential users out there!

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