WIPO launches WIPO Lex and IPAdvantage database

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The news from WIPO never stops coming!  Recently, we highlighted WIPO’s new ASPI search initiative,  and the new IPC Green inventory. As a quick Friday afternoon post, it’s worth mentioning two more resources that are available from the WIPO website.

It seems that WIPO’s former CLEA tool has been re-vamped into WIPO Lex, a directory of national IP laws and treaties for members of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), World Trade Organization (WTO), and United Nations (UN).   The website offers a full text search functionality, as well as directories of relevant laws and treaties, and a list of “member profiles” for each included country.   This could come in handy as free tool, especially when you need to reference the laws of a rather less-often consulted country for patent searching (Andorra, anyone?)

WIPO also recently released a new database called IPAdvantage, which  “provides a one-stop gateway to case studies that chronicle the intellectual property (IP) experiences of inventors, creators, entrepreneurs and researchers from across the globe.”  Although it’s not of primary interest to patent and prior art researchers, it is notable as one of the efforts set by the WIPO Development Agenda, and may be of interest to anyone in the academic realm looking to perform a case study (or reference existing literature).

Are either of these tools making it into your browser bookmarks?  Any other IP reference questions that you’re hoping WIPO can solve for you?

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This post was contributed by Intellogist Team member Kristin Whitman.


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  1. […] standards, and laws and treaties.  Today we’ll take a closer look at WIPO Lex, the directory released in the fall of 2010 and accessible through the WIPO Gold portal where you can search through national laws and treaties […]

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