Intellogist and Article One Partners

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Intellogist and Article One Partners have teamed up in a unique venture to help our communities mutually benefit from what we feel are complimentary halves of a prior art searching puzzle. Article One posts Patent Studies, which are requests for prior art or publicly available documents in any language from anywhere in the world that describe particular technologies as of a specific date. Article One users (known as Advisors) submit prior art after conducting their own research of both patent and non-patent literature in the languages they speak. Intellogist, as you well know, has a variety of community supported Best Practices articles to help you with your searching, as well as Intellogist Reports that can give you the leg up on using a particular search system. Additionally, the Discussion Forum can aid you with advice from your fellow users.

The Intellogist community is a strong collection of prior art searchers who would excel in the difficult, yet rewarding work that Article One Partners offers. This is a great opportunity for you to show your expertise and better yet, to make some lucrative money by cracking the case. Sign up with Article One through Intellogist, using the referral code “Intellogist” to get all the benefits of this new relationship.

Read on to get more detail on the Studies and bounties available straight from Article One Partners:

Article One distributes rewards based on the collection of prior art received at the end of each Study. To date, we have paid out $575,000 to our community for successful searches in 17 of our Studies.

Patent validity is of utmost importance. Organizations spend significant amounts of time and money researching patent validity. Yet, traditional prior art searches are not likely to reach global non-digitized prior art and often do not yield the desired results.

Article One Partners has revolutionized prior art search through the world’s largest patent research community. Our members, known as Advisors, are rewarded for uncovering the highest quality prior art for patents relevant to their interests, knowledge, and expertise.

Gain valuable research experience, and use your interest, knowledge, and research skills to earn from $5,000 to $50,000 per Patent Study. Earn points for profit-sharing for being an active member of Article One Partners. Register as an Advisor through Intellogist, using the referral code “Intellogist” and begin working on these and other Studies:

• Speech Recognition Patents ($5,000 reward)
• Image Neurography and Diffusion Anisotrophy Imaging ($5,000 reward)
• Air and Fuel Supply System for Combustion Engine ($5,000 reward)
• Systems for Chilling Inlet Air for Gas Turbines ($5,000 reward)
• Apparatus and Method for Database Queries ($10,000 reward)
• Communications Protocol ($10,000 reward)
• Script-Based Data Communication System and Method ($10,000 reward)

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This post was edited by Intellogist Team member Chris Jagalla.


2 Responses

  1. I really like the idea of Article One. It’s about time somebody came up with a platform to reward people for their research skills online. And who knew the reward would be so much… $5k – $50k per Study!

  2. […] the Intellogist team announced that we have teamed up with Article One Partners to bring you the opportunity to earn some cash […]

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