PatSnap Thumbnail Magnification

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Today I’d like to shine the patent search spotlight on a neat touch in PatSnap that may otherwise go unnoticed: thumbnail magnification.

In a recent refresh, the patent search system PatSnap was updated with new features. For an overview of the full system, you can see Intellogist’s Community Report on PatSnap. Since this is a Community Report, Intellogist users can edit this article with new details and their own impressions of the tool. For assistance, see our help article on editing. To get a full rundown of the features straight from the PatSnap, see the informative PatSnap Blog.

So why should you care that PatSnap has thumbnail magnification…and what is that exactly, anyway?

When I say “thumbnail magnification,” I mean that thumbnails accompanying the results in the hit list can by magnified and inspected just by positioning the cursor over a specific point on top of the thumbnail. This is a neat feature because it can quickly allow the user to examine the front page (or in some cases the representative image) for extended classification or drawing detail information. Secondarily, this magnification feature allows more screen space to be devoted to the information packed PatSnap interface, which includes the title, abstract, assignee, ipc class, patent number, filing date, issue date and forward citation information for each record, as well as a faceted search bar on the left-hand side.

using the corsor to hover over a specific portion of the thumbnail

Moving the cursor over the thumbnail brings up an overlay in the same window.

This solves the issue I groused about in The Great Wall of Google Patents…if Google were to take a cue from PatSnap and implement a similar solution.

It wouldn’t be effective if the magnification was slow to load or unresponsive to being moved around, but I can say that PatSnap has implemented this aspect with aplomb. Kudos to them!

Have you had any experience with this feature or with PatSnap in general? Let us know in the comments below!

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This post was contributed by Intellogist team member Chris Jagalla.


5 Responses

  1. isn’t this feature just the same as in viewing the images at the USPTO with alternatiff, which also has customisable magnification and other features

  2. Hi insomniac – great point. It’s always amazing to me when free search services offer nice functionality that many commercial vendors don’t offer. I’m sure it has to do with the fact that the USPTO is still using TIFFs, with their high image quality, while many commercial vendors offer the facsimile images in PDF format. If anyone has any additional insight on this point I’d love to learn more.

    You’re right that AlternaTIFF does have a similar function when looking at the document image. One point of difference in PatSnap’s favor is that the magnification there is used directly in the hit list…I think that’s what Chris found particularly handy. Another is that PatSnap offers more than just US coverage, so that might be a point in its favor in some cases.

  3. great job patsnap, keep up the good work!

  4. We are glad that it is helpful to the community, we will continue to do our best to make the website more useful. Thanks for your support! – the PatSnap team

  5. […] available at the click of a button. Previously on the Intellogist Blog, we looked at the innovative “thumbnail magnification” feature of the PatSnap system: a way to quickly zoom in on a patent drawing without leaving the […]

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