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If you’re familiar with our in-depth Reports, you know that Intellogist contains lots of resources related to general patent searching tools.  However, I was reminded recently that the site can also be a resource for finding subject-specific files and databases when I used it to discover collections on traditional medicine.

Recently, we introduced an Intellogist Community Report for a new product known as the World Traditional Natural Medicine Patent Database.  Community Reports are open wiki pages where Intellogist community members can add information about search products, including their own user experiences.  (To learn more about creating and editing Intellogist Community Reports, see our help topic and guidelines.)

Reading about this traditional medicine patent database made me curious about where else searchers might go to find resources on traditional medicines, so I checked the Intellogist Resource Finder for more clues.   The Resource Finder is a list of patent and non-patent databases, publications, and websites that have been found useful for prior art searching.  The resources have organized by very granular subject area to help users pinpoint exactly the subject matter they need for a search.  While browsing the Medical subject area, I found the Supplemental, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine category, which contained links to a number of other traditional medicine databases.   I quickly learned that there are lots more resources on this topic!

In related news, we just learned that the Intellogist Resource Finder has been added to the IPNetwork’s patent toolbar, so it is now easily accessible for those who have the toolbar installed.  We’re always looking for good databases, publications and websites to grow our Resource Finder.  If you have a suggestion for us, please let us know! You can use our contact form to suggest a resource, or just leave us a comment below!

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This post was contributed by Intellogist team member Kristin Whitman.


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