A Quick Look at SureChem

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Hear ye hear ye, the Intellogist Report on SureChem has been fully updated and revised!

If you’re not familiar with SureChem, I’ll briefly touch on a couple of interesting developments in this blog post. SureChem is a patent and literature search system that focuses on chemical data searching. In late 2009 SureChem was purchased by Macmillan Publishers Ltd. and with the acquisition came new developments.

The first (positive) development was that SureChem was backed with a renewed and solid financial footing which has allowed the development team to keep pushing forward and developing new features that may be released prior to the end of the year. The second (partially negative) development was that SureChem ended all previously available sustained free access methods and shifted to a for-pay only model (with the significant provision that all new users can try SureChem for 24 hours free of charge). While unfortunate, the pricing structure of SureChem remains flexible and favorable especially when compared to some of its expensive (although more complex) chemical search system competitors such as STN and MMS.

Among the interesting and helpful features within SureChem, the chemical structure drawing and searching interface powered by MarvinSketch is particularly well designed and helpful. Specifically, users with knowledge of SMILES codes will find this interface intuitive, as SMILES codes can be transformed into chemical structure drawings and then used to search the US, EP, WO/PCT, and JP patent collections, or MEDLINE documents.

If you have a need for chemical data searching, I’d recommend testing out SureChem to see if it has the right level of detail and cost effectiveness for your searching needs. After all, the first 24 hours are free–isn’t how they always get ya?

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Technical Translations from Landon IP

This post was contributed by Intellogist Team member Chris Jagalla.

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