Change is Coming to the Intellogist Blog

Starting today, we are making a change to the Intellogist blog.

We started the blog in mid-January and we are very happy we did. What you don’t know, however, is that we talked about starting the blog for several months before we launched it. In fact, at one point, we even made the decision NOT to start a blog. As we weighed the pros and cons, we asked ourselves many questions, including:

  1. Are we able to write interesting content?
  2. Are we able to write enough interesting content to keep the blog fresh?
  3. How will we let people know we’ve started the blog?
  4. Will people be interested (even remotely) in what we have to say?

To be honest, the answer to these questions is NOT what kept us from moving forward all those months.

The first two questions were easy to answer. We knew we were capable of writing blog posts (we write reports for Intellogist after all) and we knew there were plenty of interesting things to write about in the world of IP.

We were not as confident answering the third question but we devised a plan – we would add a link to the blog from Intellogist and use our LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media accounts to let people know about the blog.

The fourth question was even harder to answer. The one thing we knew is that people liked Intellogist. Since Intellogist launched last year we had received very positive feedback from our community via our Contact Us page. In addition, numerous bloggers had written about Intellogist’s usefulness. Here are just a few examples of the many accolades Intellogist has received:

  • “ is definitely a site to spend some time on. I’ve recently become aware of it and I think it is fantastic… Hat Tip to Landon IP for creating this and making it freely available.” IP ThinkTank blog
  • “I had not realized that so many search tools are available for those who want to find patents. If you want to find out more about them, Intellogist can make your research and decision process easier…” Law Department Management blog
  • “Both novice and experienced patent searchers will find it very useful.” The Patent Librarian’s Notebook
  • “…one of the most useful new sites for patent professionals is Intellogist from Landon IP…” E^(IP) blog
  • “Landon IP has created an excellent new patent search information site and community — Intellogist.” Chicago IP Litigation blog
  • “Another useful website is Intellogist…” IPKat blog
  • “Intellogist is an free online patent searching tool that provides the inventors, attorneys and the IP community with access to a large amount of information in one place.” Patent Finds blog
  • “Thanks to IP Spotlight I found Intellogist – an amazing collection of patent search information.” Mikk Putk’s blog on the Intellectual Property Network

We decided that if we kept the content similar (with a few new twists thrown in here and there) people will like the blog as well.

We knew that starting a blog meant taking a risk but that didn’t bother us. After all, it is in failure where you find your greatest strengths and new ideas emerge. Honestly, what scared us the most, and what stopped us from moving forward all those months was increasing our work load. We kept asking ourselves, “why do we want to add to our “to-do” lists?” Ultimately, we decided that the blog would compliment Intellogist nicely and would not be that much of a burden after all. Especially if we handled the workload as a team. We decided that each person would be responsible for creating new content so that no one person shouldered the entire burden. This strategy has worked well for us so far and we are very pleased with our decision to start the blog.

One of the most important things we can do as bloggers is evaluate what our statistics are telling us. These stats helps us determine what you, our readers, like or dislike about our content and show us where we need to make adjustments. We have been monitoring our statistics regularly since January and one thing they’ve clearly shown is that our readers are just not that interested in our weekly updates. There have been two or three weekly update posts that have been a big hit. In fact, one of our most popular blog posts to date, Battle of the Patent Search Systems, is a weekly update. In general though, the weekly updates posts aren’t that well received.

The bottom line is that we are very interested in giving you content that you want to read and, since you aren’t into the weekly updates, we no longer plan to write them. Instead, we plan to focus our efforts on writing content similar to those posts which have received the most response. Posts like, Xyggy and the Golden Egg, Impress Your Search Clients Through Patent Analysis, and One Search System to Rule Them All.

We believe this change will make the Intellogist blog even better for you. If you don’t agree, however, let us know by leaving a comment. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the blog as well as any ideas you have for future blog posts.

Patent Resources Group

This post was contributed by Intellogist team member Julie Cook.


4 Responses

  1. Good review of challenges facing most IP bloggers out there…keep it coming!

  2. This is an excellent information house. Well its true that recently, I was in need to buy a new patent database and Initially I was impressed with everyone. But later I was confused as which one to buy. I quickly switch to your comparison table tool and see all the differences.

    It was great help for me.

    Great going. Please keep up the good work

    God Speed,

  3. PriorSmart, thank you for the encouragement. it is definitely challenging to create and maintain a website or blog that is relevant and interesting. That’s why it is so important for us to listen to our readers and analyze the data.

    Bik, thanks for the kind words. we are glad that Intellogist has been a useful resource for you. As you pointed out, the Quick Table Comparisons tool is especially useful when trying to make a purchasing decision because the table helps you quickly find the search systems that best meets your company’s needs.

    I should point out that, once you’ve narrowed the list down using the Comparison Table, you can use Intellogist’s Search System Reports Tool to read about the intricate details of each system. These reports will save you a ton of leg work because, not only do we gather information from the various vendor’s websites, help files, and product literature, we test the system as a patent searcher would. These detailed reports may also help you generate a list of questions to ask the vendor should you decide to arrange for a demo of the product.

    Thanks again. We love hearing from our readers!


  4. What indicates to me that you will enjoy continued success in this and other ventures is the fact that you are capable of sufficient objective self-analysis. The decision to drop the weekly update is the right call. Though we might sometimes like to believe otherwise, people are most interested in content that they can use for themselves. The rest of your content is quite strong, and clearly fills a need within the world of patent law blogs. Good work.

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