Battle of the Patent Search Systems, Part II

Wow – the ongoing ratings competition between QPAT, PatBase, TotalPatent, and Thomson Innovation has really turned a lot of heads.  Last week’s Intellogist update post was one of the most popular so far on this blog, and now the “battle” of the patent search systems is really heating up!

This week’s update is very exciting as we’ve had a lot of activity on the ratings page.  We’ve had 12 new votes for PatBase, 5 new votes for QPAT, and 9 new votes for both TotalPatent and Thomson Innovation.  What surprises me is that, while lots of people checked out our side-by-side comparison of the community ratings on these four systems,  far fewer of these visitors actually cast their own votes.  So this week, let’s try to get even more ratings on these systems!    Patent searchers often spend vast amounts of time with their subscription search products, and because of this they quickly develop strong opinions about them.   That experience is quite valuable – and I know the patent searchers out there have a lot to say about these systems.   Remember, the more people vote, the more useful and relevant this tool becomes to the community.

Right now the overall ratings still stand at PatBase and QPAT with four stars each, and TotalPatent and Thomson Innovation with three.  If you’d like to see the current ratings comparison for yourself, open the Quick Table Comparisons page, log in to Intellogist, choose the four systems listed above, and click “Compare.” The resultant Comparison Table shows information about each of the systems including, near the top of the table, the current ratings for each of these systems. Click on the “Rate This System” link to cast your vote.  By the way, the ratings are completely anonymous; no information about who voted is stored in the system.

Thanks to your involvement, we’re still going strong on our six month challenge to grow the Intellogist community, garner more repeat visits, and create more involvement within our registered user base. If you have not been following this update series you can quickly get up to speed by reading our first post, A Call to Action, and our most recent weekly update, Battle of the Patent Search Systems.

  • We had 1,192 visits from 1,031 visitors. In the previous week we had 1,070 visits from 887 visitors. Our goal is to increase our traffic to 5,200 visits per month.
  • We had 419 visits from returning visitors. In the previous week, we had 344 visits. Our goal is to achieve 2,560 return visits per month.
  • With our help, one of our users, Bartmans, created a new glossary item, the Directory of IP Blogs. Please feel free to add IP-related blogs to this list. If you’d like to contribute your expertise to Intellogist in other ways, please visit the Best Practices, Community Reports, or Glossary sections to add new pages or edit existing pages. Our goal is to have 50 additional user contributions to the wiki sections of Intellogist by the end of our six-month challenge.
  • There’s been quite a reaction to last week’s post about search systems ratings and, as a result, we’ve had 35 additional “overall” ratings posted for the spotlighted search system.  There were 12 new votes for PatBase, 5 new votes for QPAT, and 9 new votes for both TotalPatent and Thomson Innovation. The current totals in the Overall Rating category are:
    • 37 votes on PatBase (12 new votes since last week)
    • 21 votes on QPAT (5 new votes since last week)
    • 19 votes on Thomson Innovation (9 new votes since last week)
    • 22 votes on TotalPatent (9 new votes since last week)

We are getting closer to our goal of having 100 ratings, in the Overall Rating category, for each of these systems but we still need your help. If you use one, or all, of these systems, please cast  your vote today!

  • We had 41 new users register on Intellogist. What follows is a sampling of members from our global community. To see the entire list of members, visit our Community Page:

If you haven’t done so yet, join Intellogist today, get involved, and discover what a worldwide patent community can do for you.

<a href=””><img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-42″ title=”Patent Searches from Landon IP” src=”; alt=”Patent Searches from Landon IP” width=”330″ height=”106″ /></a>

This post was contributed by Intellogist team member <a href=””>Kristin Whitman</a>.

Patent Searches from Landon IP

This post was contributed by Intellogist team member Kristin Whitman.


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  1. It’s really a great news now

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