More Social Networking? Bring It On!

Our last post focused on the value that a patent community can bring to your professional life as a member of the IP industry.  Gene Quinn, of the popular patent law blog IPWatchdog, would seem to agree with us, as he has just started his own social network on Ning!   The IPWatchdog networks joins the ranks of patent-related networking platforms such as Intellogist, the Intellectual Property Network, the PIUG wiki,, Patent Buddy, and multiple LinkedIn groups on the general topic of IP.   Now, you might ask, won’t these various options split the participating members between them, resulting in dispersed pockets of interaction with many missed opportunities to unite experts?  What makes the Intellogist team think that they can succeed among all of these different venues for collaboration and expression?

Perhaps the expectation is that since we have launched a social network, we will only spend our time on our own platform.  But reality is resoundingly different!  The fact is that each of these social networks offers different core groups of contributors, and different focuses.   Intellogist happens to offer a focus that I believe is relatively unique among these groups: an approach to patents from an information science perspective.  Because we place a lot of emphasis on both the mechanics of patent searching, and comparing the content and features of available patent search tools, we’re uniquely positioned to capture information relating to performing the best possible patent searches.  And, because we are a wiki platform, we also offer a very large knowledgebase on these topics, which is growing every day thanks to users who are committed to keeping Intellogist a valuable free resource for the entire IP community.   This is what makes us stand out, and this is why we’ll continue to share our content and our expertise on as many social platforms as we can!

We’re continuing to challenge ourselves to meet our goal of growing the Intellogist community, garnering more repeat visits, and creating more involvement within our registered user base by July 30, 2010. If you have not been following this series you can quickly get up to speed by reading A Call to Action, and our most recent update, What Can a Worldwide Patent Community Do For Me?

For the last reporting period, February 18 through February 25, our numbers are as follows:

  • We had 1,181 visits from 932 visitors. In the previous week we had 910 visits from 738 visitors. Our goal is to increase our traffic to 5,200 visits per month.
  • We had 448 visits from returning visitors. In the previous week, we had 307 visits. Our goal is to achieve 2,560 return visits per month.
  • We did not have any votes on our Ratings pages this week for PatBase, QPAT, TotalPatent, or Thomson Innovation. The current totals in the Overall Rating category are:
    • 21 votes on PatBase (0 new votes since last week)
    • 13 votes on QPAT (0 new votes since last week)
    • 7 votes on Thomson Innovation (0 new votes since last week)
    • 9 votes on TotalPatent (0 new votes since last week)
  • We had 32 new users register on Intellogist. What follows is a sampling of members from our global community. To see the entire list of members, visit our Community Page:

We encourage new Intellogist users to fill out their profiles!  To do this, log in to Intellogist, and click the username that appears in the upper right hand corner of the page, or click on your user avatar in the mid-left panel of the screen.  Then select the “Edit Profile” link on the top of your profile page.   This is the perfect way to start getting involved in Intellogist – by becoming an active member of our social network!

Technical Translations from Landon IP

This post was contributed by Intellogist team member Kristin Whitman.


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