What Can a Worldwide Patent Community Do For Me?

I choose the theme for this week’s update post, “What Can a Worldwide Patent Community Do for Me?” because I know some of you who have laughed out loud at my weekly updates while thinking, “it’s impossible to build an engaged community of IP professionals. We can barely eat lunch during a typical business day and you want us to get involved in Intellogist’s IP community. You are out of your mind!”

Just for a moment, I ask that you suspend reality and think about Intellogist from a different angle. I will start with this: I suggest that getting involved in a targeted community of IP professionals can help you solve challenging day-to-day problems, can increase your stature as an expert in a particular aspect of IP, and can create the perfect platform on which to reach new customers for your business (or that of your employer).

Wouldn’t it be great to throw a challenging problem out to a worldwide community who truly understands what you are asking and can provide a viable solution? Obviously, Intellogist isn’t the only option. You can post something on Twitter but, even if you figure out how to ask your question in 140 characters or less, you have to overcome the fact that many of your followers don’t actually read what you write. LinkedIn groups are a great place to ask questions and often generate interesting discussion, however, many people on LinkedIn are trying to build a business or find a job. There is a huge sector of IP professionals, working for established companies or regional IP offices, who aren’t even on LinkedIn. Plus, LinkedIn groups are very specialized, so you often have to pose your question to several groups to get the answer you need.

Intellogist members, on the other hand, come from all over the world! They are private and corporate attorneys, CEOs, patent agents, patent searchers, patent examiners, librarians, legal support specialists, and entrepreneurs (among other things). They work at small and large law firms, publicly traded and private corporations, patent offices, search system vendors, publications, and websites. They are a true cross-section of the IP community. I suggest you won’t find such a diverse, far-reaching, knowledgeable group of targeted professionals anywhere else. I suggest Intellogist is THE place to be and be seen. It is THE place to spotlight your skills and differentiate yourself.

But I digress…onto the progress report. If you’ve been following this update series, you know that we are tracking our progress toward meeting our goals of growing the Intellogist community, garnering more repeat visits, and creating more involvement within our registered user base by July 30, 2010. If you have not been following this series you can quickly get up to speed by reading A Call to Action, As Our Patent Community Turns, Blizzards, Community, and System Ratings, and Where Is The Love?

For the last reporting period, February 12 through February 18, our numbers are as follows:

  • We had 910 visits from 738 visitors. In the previous week we had 887 visits from 707 visitors. Our goal is to increase our traffic to 5,200 visits per month.
  • We had 307 visits from returning visitors. In the previous week, we had 339 visits. Our goal is to achieve 2,560 return visits.
  • We had one new vote on our Ratings pages for PatBase. We did not have any new votes for QPAT, TotalPatent, or Thomson Innovation. The current totals in the Overall Rating category are:
    • 21 votes on PatBase (1 new vote since last week)
    • 13 votes on QPAT (0 new votes since last week)
    • 7 votes on Thomson Innovation (0 new votes since last week)
    • 9 votes on TotalPatent (0 new votes since last week)

Our goal is to reach 100 ratings, in the Overall Rating category, for each of these systems. If you use one, or all, of these systems, please cast your vote today by clicking on the system links above, logging in to Intellogist, and clicking on the star that best represents your feelings about a system (where 5 stars is the most positive response and 1 star is the least positive response).

To see the current ratings for these systems side-by-side, open the Quick Table Comparisons page, log in to Intellogist, choose the systems listed above, and click “Compare.” The resultant Comparison Table shows information about each of the systems including, near the top of the table, the current ratings for each of these systems.

  • We had 19 new users register on Intellogist. What follows is a sampling of members from our global community. To see the entire list of members, visit our Community Page:

As you can see, Intellogist members come from all over the world. We plan to continue increasing the worldwide reach of Intellogist by building a dynamic community of brilliant IP professionals who want to connect with others of the same ilk. If you haven’t done so yet, join Intellogist today, get involved, and discover what a worldwide patent community can do for you.

Patent Resources Group

This post was contributed by Intellogist team member Julie Cook.


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