Gain the Advantage Through Patent Analysis

Thinking back to my days in college studying mechanical engineering, I often wonder why the topics of business and intellectual property were so rarely brought up, if at all. Most engineers, those who head to graduate school for a career in research aside, learn that those calculations that took them so much time, effort and coffee to figure out late at night in college, are only occasionally applicable in the real world. Instead, a good understanding of basic business principles, along with an idea of how IP functions within a company’s business strategy, will open more career doors for the engineer than an understanding of physics. Now I realize this blog is read by a broad range of professionals, not just engineers. But my point is that often those areas outside of our degree, job function, or defined career path, can bring a greater understanding to what we do for a living and why we do it, which in turn helps us perform our jobs better.

The topic I would like to introduce today is patent analysis, a generic term used to refer to taking data from patents and caressing it into a form that can answer a variety of questions relating to business strategy. In sports, video analysis would be an equivalent. For example, Tracy Porter watched video of the Colts’ offensive plays in preparation for Super Bowl XLIV, which helped him recognize the situation that led to his game-winning interception, sealing victory for the Saints. In the 2009 Carling Cup Final, Ben Foster of Manchester United used an iPod to watch video of the opposing players from Tottenham taking penalty kicks, leading to a penalty shootout victory. Patent analysis can perform a similar function by helping you to gain a clearer picture of the competition’s business strategy, thereby positioning yourself to compete by attacking a competitor’s weakness or guarding against their strengths. In future posts, I plan to delve deeper into the realm of patent analysis to generate discussion and build the Intellogist community.

For more information right now on patent analysis, visit Landon IP’s Patent Analysis page, read Robert Cantrell’s Outpacing the Competition: Patent-Based Business Strategy, or see Anthony Trippe’s milestone article on Patinformatics.

Patent Analysis from Landon IP

This post was contributed by Intellogist Team member Dan Wolka.


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