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Where Is The Love? Weekly Update

Whew – we made it through both blizzards. Ever so gradually, the Washington DC area is returning to “normal.” We finally get to look forward….to the chiropractic visits needed to soothe our aching backs and to the flooding that will occur when all this snow starts to melt. Unless of course, we get the additional snow that is being predicted for Monday in which case, we get to go right back to shoveling snow. WooHoo!

As we do every week, we are writing this post to share our progress at growing our community, garnering more repeat visits, and creating more involvement within our registered user base. This week’s theme is “Where Is The Love” because, although we continue to see new registrations on Intellogist, our visitor numbers did not increase and we had very little community participation. I am hopeful that this is a temporary setback brought on by the crazy weather that occurred in so many locations.

If you are reading our weekly update for the first time, you can quickly get up to speed by reading A Call to Action, As Our Patent Community Turns, and Blizzards, Community, and System Ratings.

This reporting week, February 5 thru February 11, we had a decent, but by no means spectacular, week:

  • We had 887 visits from 707 visitors. In the previous week we had 1,148 visits from 942 visitors. Our goal is to increase our traffic to 5,200 visits per month.
  • We had 339 visits from returning visitors. In the previous week, we had 390 visits. Our goal is to achieve 2,560 return visits per month.
  • We had no new user contributions this week. Our goal is to increase community involvement by getting 50 more user contributions to the wiki sections of Intellogist: our Best Practices, Community Reports, and Glossary sections.
  • We had one new vote on our Ratings pages for QPAT. Unfortunately, we had no new votes on our Ratings page for PatBase, TotalPatent, or Thomson Innovation. The current totals in the Overall Rating category are:
    • 20 votes on PatBase (0 new votes since last week)
    • 13 votes on QPAT (1 new vote since last week)
    • 7 votes on Thomson Innovation (0 new votes since last week)
    • 9 votes on TotalPatent (0 new votes since last week)

As you know, our goal is to reach 100 ratings, in the Overall Rating category, for each of these systems. If you use one, or all, of these systems, please cast your vote today by clicking on the system links above, logging in to Intellogist, and clicking on the star that best represents your feelings about a system (where 5 stars is the most positive response and 1 star is the least positive response).

To see the current ratings for these systems side-by-side, open the Quick Table Comparisons page, log in to Intellogist, choose the systems listed above, and click “Compare.” The resultant Comparison Table shows information about each of the systems including, near the top of the table, the current ratings for each of these systems.

  • We had 20 new users register on Intellogist. What follows is a sampling of members from our global community. To see the entire list of members, visit our Community Page:
    • Sclose, a manager of library and information services from Suffolk, UK
    • Shoshi41, a free-lance patent searcher from Tel Aviv, Israel
    • Ervinm, a business owner from Texas, USA
    • Bunty, from New Zealand
    • Bennekou, from Denmark

The Intellogist Team appreciates the community’s continued support.  If you haven’t already done so, please join Intellogist today and get involved in our community to help us prove that a social network for IP professionals can thrive!

Patent Resources Group

This post was contributed by Intellogist team member Julie Cook.


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