As Our Patent Community Turns: Weekly Update

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since we launched the Intellogist blog and issued our call to action! We are excited by the response so far and are appreciative of Michael White for his very kind post about us on The Patent Librarian’s Notebook.

If you read that first post you know the Intellogist Team made a promise to chronicle our continuing efforts at growing our community, garnering more repeat visits, and creating more involvement within our registered user base. So I guess it’s time to fess up and let you know how things are going.

The Intellogist Team has been busy the last few weeks. We introduced the Intellogist Blog and we’ve updated several of Intellogist’s search system reports.  We performed full, in-depth, reviews of several systems – PatBase, SureChem, FreePatentsOnline, SurfIP, and SumoBrain – to ensure our reports have the most accurate, up-to-date information available. New features have been added to PatBase and SureChem since our last review. For an overview of the changes, read the latest Intellogist Scoop, our online newsletter.

By the way, if you register on Intellogist and become a “friend” of the Intellogist Team you’ll receive the Intellogist Scoop as soon as it’s published. To read our first two issues, click here.

It seems Intellogist visitors have been very busy also. Since January 22nd we’ve seen a lot of activity on the Intellogist website:

  • We’ve had 1,011 visits from 831 visitors. This is more than our average and is a good start to achieving our goal of doubling our traffic to 5200 visits per month.
  • We’ve had 339 visits from returning visitors. This is, again, more than our average but we need even more if we want to achieve our goal of 2560 return visits a month.
  • Several people visited our Ratings pages to vote on Thomson Innovation, TotalPatent, PatBase, and QPATbut we need more votes if we want to reach our goal of having 100 votes for each system within 6 months. In the Overall Rating category, we currently have :
    • 18 votes on PatBase
    • 12 votes on QPat
    • 7 votes on Thomson Innovation
    • 9 votes on TotalPatent.

    Click on this link to see the current ratings for all four system. On the side-by-side comparison page, you can use the “Rate This System” button to cast your vote for your favorite system.

  • 24 new users registered and several other people have completed their profiles. Learn more about our community by reading the profiles of these five featured members:
    • EE4Law, a patent professional from California, USA
    • Patent.analyst, a patent analyst from India
    • Tomwolff, a patent information specialist from Illinois, USA
    • Igor shevchenko , Chief of the Department of External Economic Relations and Translations of Vinnitsa Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Ukraine
    • Yann.dickson, a patent searcher from France

We appreciate the support we’ve received thus far. If you, like us, believe there is a place for a dynamic community revolving around the topic of patent and prior art searching join Intellogist today and get involved in our community to prove that a social network for IP professionals can succeed!

Technical Translations from Landon IP

This post was contributed by Intellogist team member Julie Cook.

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