Are you getting the most out of your legal status searches?

This has been quite a week to join the patent blogosphere – first Boliven’s closure, and now this news about IPWatchdog getting sued!  For a (non-lawyer) information science type like me, it’s a relief to be able to get back to the basics of that fascinating, murky world of patent documents and the electronic bits and bytes that represent them.

Following the big news today that esp@cenet has released some of the new features it has been promising for 2010 (first noted by Michael White of the Patent Librarian’s Notebook), I’ve been combing through last quarter’s issue of the EPO’s Patent Information News again.  Every time I read through an issue I think how lucky we all are that the EPO regularly puts out this helpful little publication in an easy-to-digest size and format.  The best feature of the 04/2009 installment is the continuation of a series on Korean patent information – this one focuses on Korean legal status, which is *not* contained the INPADOC legal status file.  By the way, if you’re now curious to see exactly what’s in INPADOC legal data for yourself, the Intellogist article on Downloading INPADOC Coverage can point you to the right file to take a peek in.

The article goes on to explain that to obtain Korean legal status information, users can access either the Korean Patent Abstracts file or the “Patent Search” database on KIPRIS, but the second option contains a much richer store of detail. Finally, the EPO reminds readers of their East Asian Virtual Helpdesk, which is absolutely a goldmine of information that I cannot recommend enough.  (By the way, if you’re a KPA expert, help us reach our community building goals by contributing to the Intellogist article on Korean Patent Abstracts!)

At Intellogist we’ve spent so much time looking into major patent search providers that it’s time for me to brush up on my legal status retrieval skills.  We’ve heard from users in the past that they’d like us to include legal status data alongside coverage information in the interactive coverage map – what are some of your other legal status search struggles, and how could Intellogist help?

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  1. Thanks for pointing out the EPO newsletter. I’ve found the WIPO newsletter to be helpful but wasn’t aware that the EPO had one as well. If anyone else is interested, here is a direct link to subscribe:

  2. Great, thanks for posting that link, Kate!! I’m glad to be spreading the word about the EPO publication, and thanks for mentioning the PCT newsletter as well, that’s also a good one. My impression is that it usually contains a lot of procedural stuff that’s useful from a practical standpoint. The PCT newsletter can be found here if anyone is looking for the link to that one as well.

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