A Call to Action!

We’re starting our new Intellogist blog with a call to action for the patent community!  We’ve been pondering the decision to start a blog for a while, but recently an event occurred which made us realize the time was right. On Friday January 15th, we received the following message from the Boliven Innovation Network team:

After approximately a year of beta product releases and extensive user feedback, the Board of the company has determined that it no longer makes good business sense to continue to operate the Boliven website and associated services.  We were happy that over 100,000 unique monthly visitors and over 6,000 registered members found utility from Boliven, but as of the end of last year we had fallen short of some of our other operational and financial goals.

There is no doubt that these are challenging economic times, but it’s still a real shock to see that Boliven has to cease supporting its community of patent professionals despite its apparent success and high registration. The Intellogist staff has always believed that patent information professionals have the potential to create extremely active online communities, but obviously Boliven was unable to create a profitable venture out of supporting one. In the wake of this surprising event, it’s worth asking what they did right, as well as what they did wrong. Did you have a Boliven account?  If so, what will you miss about the service? Let us know in our comments section – we want to hear your thoughts!

Although we serve similar communities, there was little overlap between Boliven’s features and those offered by our patent and prior art search resource, Intellogist.com other than social networking capabilities.  Nevertheless, Boliven’s closure highlights the difficulty of online community-building, and it’s a challenge that we’re not taking lightly. In the wake of their failure, and in light of the new year, we’re throwing down the gauntlet for ourselves and the IP community. Together, we can prove that a social network for IP professionals can thrive! We are committed to growing our community through generating more traffic, garnering more repeat visits, and creating more involvement within our registered user base but we need your help to reach our goals! In the next six months, we plan to:

  • Double our average monthly traffic: from 2600 average visits per month to 5200!
  • Double the number of visits we receive per month from returning visitors: from 1280 average return visits, to 2560!
  • Ensure that users benefit from letting vendors know what they really think by reaching 100 votes on our Ratings pagesfor each of the following major patent search systems (if you use any of these systems, please click on their links below, log in, and vote!):

Click on this link to see current ratings for all four systems, side-by-side.

  • Get more people connected to the community by encouraging our users to fill out their Intellogist profiles! Intellogist has users from all over the world looking to connect with the community – check out the profiles for these five featured members:
    • Kloset, a patent analyst from New Jersey, USA
    • Boschsv, a technology watch coordinator from Belgium
    • Kendall.waters,  a research scientist from California, USA
    • Gopir, an executive intellectual property researcher from Ahmedabad, India
    • Spamera, an IP professional from Sasolburg, South Africa

You can find more Intellogist users listed on our Community Page.

We’ll be chronicling our efforts on a weekly basis in this blog. In addition, we will post regular updates about interesting developments in the patent information world, document changes to Intellogist, and even address a few user-generated patent search questions! So be sure to add us to your RSS feeder, or subscribe to our e-mail updates using the form on this page, to keep up-to-date with the latest posts.

If you believe in creating a dynamic community around the topic of patent and prior art searching, help us by letting us know, in our comments section, what you want most in an online community like Intellogist. And join Intellogist today to help us build a thriving community and prove that a social network for IP professionals can succeed!

Patent Searches from Landon IP

This post was contributed by Intellogist team member Kristin Whitman.


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