Patent News Sources: Patent Information News from the EPO

The patent information industry is a swift and deep river of information. There’s so much new info every day that one needs to come up with a plan just to stay abreast of the state of the profession. On the other hand, each distinct topic and subtopic could be delved into for days to years at a time. Consider Alien Property Custodian documents or F-Index/F-Terms — both subjects that are steeped in patent history and varying degrees of present-day relevance that can help one understand this industry.

With that in mind, in addition to Intellogist, it helps to have a variety of current awareness sources at hand with which to better navigate this information river.

Today I’ll be telling you a little bit about the Patent Information News publication from the European Patent Office (EPO). I’ll tell you what it comprises and why you should be following this free information source. Read on as we examine the Patent Information News!

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News round-up: exciting patent and non-patent developments

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This week has yielded some interesting discoveries for me as I’ve been combing the industry for Intellogist-worthy news.  My hot list for the week includes national patent office websites, an update on Zotero and the best of World Patent Information!

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