Have you seen the New European Patent Register updates? If not, you’ll want to take a look.

While we in the Western world were preparing for the winter holiday season, the folks at the EPO were preparing a big treat for us.  The latest updates to the European Patent Register went live in December, and they’re pretty exciting.   They include RSS feeds for searches or case monitoring, PDF downloading options, and even CSV/XLS exports. Click “Read more…” for a complete list and analysis!

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Major Updates to PatBase and PatBase Express

PatBase is a unique patent search platform created by Minesoft and RWS Group which organizes patent publications under broad family-based records, and PatBase Express is a simplified version of PatBase targeted to novice patent searchers. We last took an indepth look at some of the newest features added to both PatBase and PatBase Express back in November 2012, when a Classification Finder, new folder export option, a new Excel export format, a PatBase Express interface in Spanish, and many other improvements were added to both systems.  Minesoft recently announced a number of new interface and coverage updates that have been added to both platforms, including the option to display Claims or Descriptions for a single publication according to your preferred country, more search and display tools on PatBase Express, translated assignee names for non-Latin families, and broader full-text coverage for Russia, Japan, and Taiwan. 

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Find Patent Coverage Around the World with Intellogist’s Newly Updated Map

Intellogist’s Interactive Patent Coverage Map has been updated and overhauled with new content!

What is the Interactive Patent Coverage Map? Users can select a country or regional patenting authority by name or by clicking on the map to bring up a list of major known coverage providers for that specific entry. Information often includes the national patent office or related official site as well as the various offerings of coverage ranging from full text to bibliographic according to our scale.

interactive map

This is a condensed screenshot of the user interface for the interactive map.

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Big Changes for Searching Technical Disclosures: The New IP.com

The IP.com portal is an important source of both patent and non-patent prior art, and it can be especially useful for locating technical disclosures.  The Prior Art Database on IP.com includes a regularly updated journal of technical disclosures, as well as corporate and institutional back files of non-patent prior art documents (such as the IBM Technical Disclosure Bulletin). The Intellectual Property Library on IP.com covers INPADOC data and full-text patent documents from US, EP, WO, AU, CA, and CN. The site is free to search and view the bibliographic data and abstracts for patent (US patent documents only for non-registered users) and non-patent literature search results, but users must purchase vouchers to view the full text or PDF versions of Prior Art Database documents. In 2011, the IP.com portal underwent some major changes when it integrated nearly all the features of the of the Prior Art Database into the Intellectual Property Library. The IP.com portal has recently undergone another major overhaul in November 2012, with a new layout for the website and a consolidation of search forms for both the patent and non-patent literature collections.

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Google Products, IP Organization Sites & more – Updated Intellogist Resources

Last year, 39 categories were added to the Intellogist Community Reports to help users browse these informational articles based on:

The collection of Community Reports has grown to over 485, so the Intellogist team decided to add additional categories to organize these reports on various prior art search resources by additional criteria like data producer, website type, and non-patent literature data type.  Do you want to know which Community Reports cover Google products or EPO products?  Or do you want to find all Community Reports on US government websites?  Now you can, using the 16 new categories added to the Intellogist Community Reports.

After the jump, view a full list of new categories used to organize these reports on a wide variety of patent and non-patent literature search and analysis tools!
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New Intellogist Report on Orbit.com!

We’ve just released an Intellogist Report on an important patent search system, Orbit.com!  Check out the new Intellogist Report to learn all the coverage details about this major player in the patent search system field:

Search for industrial designs on the DesignFinder module of the Orbit platform.

  • Learn about the unique FamPat file hosted on the Orbit.com platform, which organizes records into invention-based FamPat families and includes additional indexing through Key Content (Object of the invention, Advantages of the new invention and Drawback of prior art, and Independent claims) and Key Concepts.

Continue reading for an overview of more content from the Orbit.com Intellogist Report, plus a quick snippet from the report which outlines some of the strengths and weaknesses of this major patent search tool!

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New Features in Thomson Innovation Reflected in Revised Report

We recently profiled the new non-patent literature search options that were released on Thomson Innovation in August, and now the full Thomson Innovation System Report on Intellogist has been fully reviewed and updated!  Thomson Innovation is a sophisticated search platform created by Thomson Reuters that offers both patent and non-patent literature coverage, as well as a number of analysis tools. Since the last full update of the report, Thomson Innovation has seen multiple releases of new coverage, search, and viewing options, and the interface also got a completely new look in the fall of 2011.  Learn about important coverage updates, such as an enhanced Japanese language patent collection and new Canadian full-text coverage.  We’ll also look at a few of search and viewing features recently added to the system, such as enhancements to the custom fields tool and the new Quick View in the full record display.

After the jump, read about the newest coverage, search, and viewing features added to the Thomson Innovation platform!

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4 Great Features of the Semantic Search on TotalPatent

The TotalPatent Intellogist Report was recently updated, and one of the more notable improvements to the search functions is that the Semantic Search feature on TotalPatent now identifies multiple concepts in a search query.  TotalPatent’s Semantic Search feature impressed the Intellogist writers who first tested it, since it allows users to re-rank terms and customize the semantic query before conducting the search.  This post will look at four of the innovative features of the TotalPatent Semantic Search tool which make it one of the best semantic search options for patent documents available today.

After the jump, read about four useful features of the Semantic Search on TotalPatent, including the options to view up to 30 extra suggested terms, re-rank any search terms, add your own search terms, and preview the 20 most relevant results before conducting the query!

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Major Updates to TotalPatent!

TotalPatent (created by LexisNexis, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc) is a large player in the patent search system field, and the it’s undergone a number of major updates in the last year.  The TotalPatent System Report on Intellogist is now fully updated, and you can read in detail about the new coverage and features available on the TotalPatent interface.  Broader coverage has been added to TotalPatent, and the system’s bibliographic collection features 100 patent authorities, including 30 in full text. New analytical tools, such as the option to compare and analyze up to three search result sets, and new organizational options, like the ability to create sub-folders and search within a work folder, have also been added to TotalPatent.

After the jump, get a taste of the latest coverage, search, download, analysis, and organizational features available on TotalPatent that are featured in the updated System Report on Intellogist!

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A Whole New Look for Engineering Village

Engineering Village is a subscription platform created by Elsevier that allows users to search a variety of important patent and non-patent literature (NPL) databases, including Compendex and Inspec.   Engineering Village is updated on a fairly regular basis to incorporate new features onto the platform, and according to the Major Recent Updates section on its System Report, Engineering Village was last updated in June 2011.  The June 2011 update added new features like Author Detail links from from Compendex and Inspec articles to the SciVerse Scopus Author Profile/Preview page for each author and IPC codes added to Inspec records.  The addition of IPC codes to Inspec records is a particularly useful new search option for patent searchers, who can now search for NPL records corresponding to a specific IPC code assigned to a target patent.  The link to author profile pages on Scopus adds more interoperability between the Engineering Village and SciVerse hub platforms, which are both created by Elsevier.

Another update to Engineering Village is slated to occur near the end of July, and this update seems to focus on making the homepage and search results page more user-friendly and customizable.  The update also adds small but important new features like search terms highlighted in an article and the option to add additional search fields on the Quick Search page.  Read on to  learn about the planned improvements to the Engineering Village interface, and how these updates may affect your non-patent literature searches!
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